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SleevesUp! virtual office & business addresses

Your professional business address at a SleevesUp! location

Your Virtual Office at SleevesUp!

With SleevesUp! you can set up your professional business presence quickly and easily. Your Virtual Office+ is located nationwide in prestigious and central cities. In addition to your new business address, you can opt for various premium services with the Virtual Office+. Simply add telephone and other office services that you need for your business. If required, optimally equipped office space is also available to you at locations near you.

Flexible Virtual Office+ Solution

With SleevesUp! virtual office solution you can easily and flexibly choose the services you need to build your business presence with us.

Virtual Office+

65 € net monthly

  • Professional business presence
  • Official business address
  • Mail reception including mailbox
  • Use of conference and meeting rooms

We offer virtual office solutions for your business in prime locations.

All the services your business needs

At SleevesUp! you can easily get your new business address. Our experienced on-site team will take care of a smooth process. With our various options and services, you can choose what you need for your work. Thanks to Virtual Office+, you can also use offices, coworking and conference rooms if needed.

Virtual office with representative business address
Professional service for receiving mail
Use of conference and meeting rooms

Simply choose your location

Easily find the right address for your business. Our selected SleevesUp! locations are available for your professional business presence.


Frankfurt Westside

Eschborner Landstraße 42-50, 60489 Frankfurt

55 desks on 675m2

Frankfurt Southside

Mörfelder Landstraße 6-8, 60598 Frankfurt

56 desks on 530m2

Frankfurt Eastside

Hanauer Landstraße 340, 60314 Frankfurt

39 desks on 340m2

Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof

Am Kavalleriesand 5, 64295 Darmstadt

72 desks on 862m2

Bad Homburg

Rathausplatz 12, 61348 Bad Homburg vor der Höhe

109 desks on 1.270m2


Brunnenweg 19-21, 64331 Weiterstadt

106 desks on 1.093m2


Robert-Bosch-Straße 5, 63303 Dreieich

124 desks on 1.381m2

Gießen City

Bahnhofstraße 82-86, 35390 Gießen

78 desks on 1,150m2

Offenbach Marktplatz

Berliner Straße 114-116, 63065 Offenbach am Main

64 desks on 642m2

Hannover City

Bödekerstraße 1, 30161 Hannover

112 desks on 1.229m2

Aachen Hauptbahnhof

Wilhelmstr. 96, 52070 Aachen

84 desks on 950m2

Answers to your questions about Virtual Office+

By now, we know what questions frequently come our way. Therefore, there is a collection for you to help you before the inquiry.

At SleevesUp! you can easily book your Virtual Office+ in a prime location. With a prestigious business address at our locations, you not only secure competitive advantages, but also an image boost. In addition, we offer an optimal price-performance ratio. Apart from the price, our flexible office services, which we offer in addition to the virtual office, are also decisive. This saves you valuable time and allows you to concentrate fully on your business.

Yes, you can rent exclusively equipped conference and meeting rooms at short notice. This way you can receive your customers in a professional ambience. An optimal infrastructure at each of our locations ensures that your company is easy to reach.

Your mail will be sorted into your mailbox in the Space and will wait there for you to pick it up. Your mail will not be opened by SleevesUp!

No, due to the effort involved, forwarding or digitization (scanning) of letters is not possible. We respect postal secrecy and never open your letters.

Per booked Virtual Office+ you are allowed to have one company name including one personal name. For example:

Sample company Ltd.

Peter Muster

For further company or personal names you have to book another Virtual Office+.

Yes, as a SleevesUp! customer, you can easily book a meeting room on site through your space manager and hold a meeting with customers at your official mailing address, for example.

The Virtual Office+ only allows the delivery of letters and small consignments of goods, which are placed in the mailbox. Addressed parcels or other deliveries are rejected.

With Virtual Office+, you can officially register your business at the SleevesUp! location. Whether the basic option for registration is accepted differs depending on the county and authority. We are happy to give you tips on this, but cannot guarantee success. Therefore, please check if this is possible before signing the contract, as early termination for such reasons is not possible.

We recommend that you pick up your mail at least once a week. Your mail will be stored as long as you have a Virtual Office with us. If the Virtual Office+ contract is terminated, we will destroy uncollected mail after 4 weeks.

If you choose our virtual office solution, you can use it with a maximum term of 12 months. The Virtual Office+ serves only as a starter product to set up your company’s representative office quickly and easily. After 12 months at the latest, you will need to upgrade to a Pro Desk or Office in order to continue having your place of business at SleevesUp!

For innovative ways of working, you can rent flexible serviced offices in addition to virtual offices.

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