About SleevesUp!

About SleevesUp! Spaces

Corporate mission, vision and values


We create simple, flexible and professional serviced offices for makers. In our serviced offices, we create the ideal office infrastructure for makers to implement their projects in a modern and representative working environment. We guarantee flexible terms and the best all-inclusive products on the market with maximum transparency and minimum risk for our customers.

We relieve our customers every day with smooth office management – so that the annoying topic of office management is forever a thing of the past. We bring our Spaces to wherever the movers and shakers are – not only in metropolises – because travel time is wasted life time. Focus on the essentials only comes about when the non-essentials disappear from focus. You do your thing. And we do your office.

SleevesUp! is THE brand for doers

The brand encompasses much more than the current core product “office” – in the long term, it stands for empowering people to do their thing. It stands for focus and a doer mentality. It relieves people of the burden of having to deal with the unnecessary and creates freedom for big tasks.

No other serviced office provider manages the balancing act of professionalism and affordability and is so clearly geared to the needs of makers. SleevesUp! operates Spaces as a network in the region and is an owner-managed family business with an entrepreneurial community of values.

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