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Market vacant office space on a small scale and flexibly with SleevesUp!

SleevesUp! has been operating professional Flex Office concepts in a decentralized approach throughout Germany since 2016. With this experience, we can create new perspectives with the operation of our Flex Office concept as interim use in places where companies no longer need office space can hardly be sublet conventionally. Thereby, the main tenant does not incur any costs or expenses, on the contrary: Via the cash back model, a contribution to the reduction of the fixed rental costs is generated from the first Flex Office user onwards.

An area management system with SleevesUp!

  • Personal consultation and individual feasibility study
  • Equipment of the office space with technology and design package by SleevesUp! for flex office use
  • Professional marketing
  • No ongoing costs for management (no investment requirement for main tenant)
  • No administration costs (SleevesUp! covers the entire process)
  • Reduction of rental costs via cash back
  • Dedicated location manager as central contact for main tenant and
  • Flex Office users
  • Return of own employees to Flex Office space at any time in case of own demand

The suitable solution

Due to the current market situation, a conventional sublease is difficult to realize in the short term. There are high fixed costs until the end of the contract period. With SleevesUp! as a professional manager in the flex office sector, small-scale subletting is possible at any time. There are no expenses or management costs.

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Innovative workspaces

The minimalist SleevesUp! branding, modern infrastructure and flexible contracts for customers ensure the space is quickly occupied by enterprise companies and smaller tenants.

Full Service Management

More and more companies are relying on flexibility in the new working world, which SleevesUp! already offers. Thanks to the comprehensive SleevesUp! services, landlords as well as companies no longer have to worry about office logistics.

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    FAQ for landlords

    Managed by SleevesUp! is suitable for renting office floors or demarcated office sections. Areas as small as 100 square meters come into question. Managed by SleevesUp! is therefore ideal if part of your office space is unused and you want to reduce the costs for it or even make a surplus.

    SleevesUp! offers two pricing models. In the fixed model, you pay a fixed management fee per square meter, but you receive a very high cash back share, which your space generates. You earn on every Euro that a user of the space pays and participate maximally in the success of your office space. With the dynamic model, no management fee is due, but the cash back is significantly lower. This model is therefore more suitable if only the costs of the space are to be reduced.

    It is not possible to make a blanket statement about the price. However, SleevesUp! will analyze the market at the location of your space and will suggest the pricing. Single workstations are usually priced at 250-320 € by SleevesUp!, lockable office space is based on the number of workstations in it.

    Depending on the initial situation of your space, we equip it within a few weeks, include it in our network and advertise it. We start marketing at an early stage so that, depending on the demand situation, the first interested parties can arrive shortly after opening.

    Managed by SleevesUp! is not a sublease in the strict sense, as you do not sublease your space to SleevesUp! The subsequent users of the space also do not have a sublease agreement with you or SleevesUp! as they are receiving a service including office infrastructure and management. However, due to the necessary changes to the building access, it is advisable to consult with the landlord beforehand, unless the subletting is already clarified in your commercial lease agreement. We will be happy to support you in this.

    Vacant office space primarily incurs costs without providing any direct benefit. Therefore, many office tenants go in search of subtenants to cover the costs. A longer-term sublease is sometimes more advantageous financially, but it does have some disadvantages. In addition to the administrative burden and legal implications of being a landlord, finding a subtenant does not turn out to be easy. In addition, the subleased office space may not be usable by the landlord in the long term if the landlord’s own space needs change in the coming months and years.
    The Managed by SleevesUp! product provides a remedy here. You do not take on the role of the landlord and have neither the operation nor the marketing of your space as an expense. In addition, thanks to flexible terms with SleevesUp! you do not have to give up your space in the long term. Instead, you can take back parts in the medium term or use the workstations and office space on a monthly basis. Even shared areas such as meeting rooms and lounge areas remain available to your employees. The coworking community creates productive interaction and the potential for new business relationships.

    You can use Managed by SleevesUp! for furnished and unfurnished spaces. In case of an unfurnished space, SleevesUp! will organize furniture and the time to launch will be delayed accordingly. Therefore, Managed by SleevesUp! works best in furnished or partially furnished office spaces.

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