Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

By now, we know what questions frequently come our way. Therefore, there is a collection for you to help you before the inquiry.


With a Pro Desk and when booking an office solution, you can of course register your company with us and use a business address. Your company name will be placed on the mailbox at the location so that your mail can be delivered immediately. The central mailbox at the location will be emptied regularly by our team and your mail will then be sorted into your personal mailbox directly in the Space.

According to §4 paragraph 3 of the trade regulations, a branch office can exist at one of our locations. However, this is only possible in conjunction with a fixed workstation (Products Pro Desk or Office), since at a fixed workstation a self-employed commercial activity can be carried out for an indefinite period of time. So you can be sure that you can register your business with us without any problems.

Our business hours are identical in all locations. Mon-Fri, 08:00 – 18:00 (excluding public holidays) the SleevesUp! spaces are available to you. If you book a workspace via our website, this workspace is only available during business hours.

With a SleevesUp! Membership Flex or Membership Flat, your previously booked workspace is available 24 hours a day on the day of booking. You can also book and use a workstation on weekends.

With a Pro Desk or Private Office you have 24/7 access to your workstation or office space without prior booking.

A spontaneous visit is always possible, but it is advisable to make an appointment in advance so that a trained employee can show and explain the office to you in detail.

With a 24⁄7 access, you, or your employees, receive your own keys to a SleevesUp! location. There are various locking systems installed in our Spaces. If you lose a key, it is the same as in other buildings with locking systems – whoever loses the key has to pay for the replacement of the locking system. We therefore recommend that you take out appropriate insurance.

Memberships and office solutions

You can find an overview of the memberships and office solutions as well as their inclusive services under Workplaces.

Yes, you have your own fixed table where you can set up and leave your computers, monitors, trays etc.. In addition, you can store documents and other important things directly at your desk in your optional, lockable mobile container.

A workstation consists of a desk, a chair and an optional lockable container. Plus, of course, a power connection to power and charge you devices.

Each office has been designed differently according to the site conditions and the size varies depending on the location. You will find on the page of each location the possible office sizes in that location.

SleevesUp! offers office space only from a size with 2 workstations. In our experience, a corresponding space with only one workstation becomes too small for adequate equipment and working atmosphere. For individuals we therefore recommend our coworking memberships. Telephone calls can also be made without any problems in the telephone booths available for this purpose or meeting rooms. Shorter conversations are also possible at the workplace if the volume is reasonable. If you still want to have your own room, you can also rent an office equipped with two or more workstations from SleevesUp! as an individual without any problems. The monthly fee, however, is based on the space and not on the number of people planned to occupy it.

In the coworking memberships as well as the Pro Desk, termination is possible with a notice period of two working days to the end of each month. The office solutions have a notice period of 3 months to the end of the month.

Meeting rooms

In many products, you have a certain monthly quota for the use of meeting rooms. With this quota, you can conveniently reserve conference rooms at all SleevesUp! locations at any time online and without additional costs via the member portal.

Additionally, you can book meeting rooms beyond your quota for a fee. This can also be done at any time via the member portal.

Even if you don’t have a contract for a coworking membership or office space with SleevesUp! you can still book our meeting rooms. Please contact us via the corresponding form to receive a non-binding offer.

The available meeting rooms vary depending on the location. They range from small meeting rooms for 3-4 people to conference rooms for over 30 people. Use the booking function on our website to find out if a room of suitable size is available at the desired location.

Yes, you can also reserve meeting rooms at other locations via the member portal. Your allotments will then be debited automatically depending on your contract.


Yes, with a Pro Desk you have the option to have a nameplate attached to the mailbox. This also applies when booking an office solution from SleevesUp! The mailbox will be emptied regularly by a SleevesUp! employee and the mail will be sorted into your mailbox in the Space.

Please make sure that you empty your mailbox in the Space regularly and that you are always present to accept packages.

Each SleevesUp! location has an internet connection which is shared by all customers on site. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee bandwidth. If we notice a high utilization of the available bandwidth, we will make an early effort to provide a faster connection to the site, provided this is compatible with our pricing policy. However, we unfortunately have no influence on approval procedures on the part of authorities and property owners, which can slow down a fiber-optic roll-out.

We at SleevesUp! are convinced of the flexibility and cost advantages of cloud solutions. Accordingly, there is no telephone system or corresponding telephone wire cabling at any of our locations, as experience has shown that this is little used.

However, you can easily order a landline number from a VoIP provider of your choice and use it with a desktop device at your workplace. For this purpose, we provide a LAN Internet connection at each desk. This way, calls will still reach you at your desk as if you had your own landline.

We are dog friendly! However, if you bring a pet into the building, you are solely responsible for any injury or damage caused by your pet to another member or any property. We also ask that you be considerate of other coworkers & their four-legged friends. House-training and compatibility of your four-legged friend are of course a prerequisite.

SleevesUp! Blue Label

With the Blue Label Spaces, SleevesUp! offers professional offices and workplaces at exclusive locations with top presence. The Spaces convince in central city locations with increased service and comfort.

In addition to the location and modern, high-quality new buildings, you’ll have access to a central reception with extended service hours, electric height-adjustable desks and an expanded range of coffee beverages.

Yes, the meeting rooms in Blue Label locations are available to all SleevesUp! customers. It doesn’t matter at which location you have your permanent workplace or office space or which location you mostly use within the SleevesUp! membership.

You can also conveniently book and use a meeting room at a Blue Label location via the member portal. Offsetting with your inclusive coins is possible. This way you can hold important customer meetings or investor discussions in the representative Blue Label Spaces and at the same time benefit from the favorable conditions of a Green Label Space in which you regularly work.

Let’s discuss your open questions so that your project can start soon.

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